What is Tripps?

Travelling from A to B with your own car is getting more and more difficult. Traffic jams are getting longer, parking costs are rising sharply and sometimes you just can’t get where you need to be. Tripps is the app that will help you to reach your destination with your own car, bike or the transport of others. Instantly you have a feeling of the situation and the possibilities at your location, while driving or at your destination. We help you to decide, but we also offer access and payment possibilities for many transport alternatives.

Pilot in Leidsche Rijn, Vleuten and de Meern

In Leidsche Rijn, Vleuten and de Meern we are starting a pilot to test the Tripps app and try to meet the expectations of their inhabitants. Goedopweg has awarded Innovactory to roll out their technology in this region. The pilot in Utrecht is one of the seven national MaaS-pilots that the Ministry of Infrastructure organizes in cooperation with regional governments.

It is getting busier in and around the region. This is due to the growth of the city and the relatively high car ownership and usage. With Tripps we want to see whether this can be done smarter. There are quite a lot of residents who want to travel differently, but how do you organize and do that? Together with the residents we will find out whether Tripps can support them in achieving this.

Teaming with residents

In order to understand the travel needs and wishes of our potential users, we involve residents of Leidsche Rijn, Vleuten and de Meern in the development of Tripps. We have already organized several workshops and are now actively looking for more test users who want to get started with Tripps.

Sign up as a tester

Are you interested in being one of the first Tripps users to test and regain control of your travels? Please sign up now!

Testers install Tripps and can use the app to travel and use different types of transport in addition to their usual means of transport. They can then share their travel experiences with us to see if Tripps meets their travel needs. What works and what doesn’t, how can we improve it, together we try to realize the app for all your travel.